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Four Ride Forth Session 9 by Giftkrieg23 Four Ride Forth Session 9 by Giftkrieg23

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“Four Ride Forth” is the first official campaign using my Savage World of My Little Pony module, and playing the party of characters is a hand-picked parcel of rogues that will help test my system more fully and bring the game to life. I hope this game will inspire others to play the system as well, especially as we in the fan community suffer through the long wait until Season 2 is aired. I will maintain a transcript of each game session, which has been edited for clarity and will be made available on my DeviantArt account for everyone to enjoy. The game is run weekly and will conclude sometime in August of 2011.

This week: The group bids an uneasy farewell to Gallopglass and its stubborn Prince, and pick up a new companion on the road to Maresailles. There, they will speak with the leaders of the seaside nation and attempt to ascertain their involvement with the Mantella and the blight...
Zyggy567 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
Tears, drama, action, fourth wall breaking, and MONOCLES! This session had it all!

You did a good job of sending pigeon and second wind off, especially having hinted at it beforehand.
Welcome to the group sky chaser, I cant wait to see what you'll do.

Next week, PIRATES!
Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
Yeah, I tried my best to make it an action-packed session. I have the utmost confidence in Sky Chaser's player and she will be a welcome addition to the party. Thanks again for following!
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