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January 11, 2013
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The Savage World of My Little Pony (4th Edition) by Giftkrieg23 The Savage World of My Little Pony (4th Edition) by Giftkrieg23

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THE SAVAGE WORLD OF MY LITTLE PONY is a fan-made supplement for the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game system, developed by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and adapted from the hit show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Create your own pony characters and enter a world of pulp adventure, mystery, and magic!

Created as an ideal system for new and experienced gamers alike, The Savage World of My Little Pony captures the same fast-paced, robust gameplay of other Savage World settings (Deadlands, Solomon Kane, Space: 1889) and translates it into the high fantasy world of the show Friendship is Magic.

4th Edition is the culmination of over a year and a half's work, through the combined efforts of many people's hard work and dedication.

Requires the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition to Play!
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sysLEEK Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Hi there, I have a question for you.
For instance, there is a foe who is paralyzed because of paralyze poison or going to die in N rounds because of lethal poison.
Then a legendary pegasus use The Greatest Trick on that foe. Will the pegasus be paralyzed or be dead in N rounds?
I ask this because TGT switches "any daunts, wounds, or fatigue levels that you have suffered". How do poisons work, do they cause daunts, wounds or fatigues, if not specified?
Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Rules for poisons are covered in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. For The Greatest Trick, it would transfer any wounds/daunts/fatigue levels but not the poison itself.
sysLEEK Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Indeed, Poisons are in Fatigues section in SWDE.
But does that mean, that the poison effect "death in 2d6 rounds" is a fatigue and can be transferred from one pony to another using TGT? Even if a pony drank a poison first and then transferred it effect to an enemy? (Don't ask why would anypony do that)
Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Nope, those effects are independent of Fatigue levels. Think of the fatigue as representing general shock to one's system from the poison: even if it doesn't kill you, it's not easy on your body's systems either.
Xeno132 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
anyone interested in a game? and whare he hell I go to try to find one?
Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Fortunate that you ask! I've been somewhat swamped with personal projects, but the forums thrillingponytales.proboards.c… are a good place to start. There are always about 6-8 people who are looking to play a game, but we are always chronically short of GMs.
Xeno132 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
well I do have a idea for a game but I have no idea how to gm
Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
There are weekly one-shot games every Friday night if you're interested in trying the game out, check out the Friday Night Dice thread for more information. Otherwise, you can help collect other people to play in a full game.
tbaransk Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014

I just found this and it looks interesting. It could use a "printable" version, that is one without the background. It is readable as is on the screen, but when printed in grayscale, would have low contrast and waste a lot of ink. Even on the screen, the dark yellow scrambled background is OK, but the black and red text would stand out more on something else. 

I like the focus on little to no combat. Other than that: 

I'm not so sure about the "have a d4, d6, d8, d10 , d12, d12+1, d12+2, ... plus modifiers, roll against difficulty 4 or 6 mechanics as I haven't used it before. 

The Unicorns have "Levitate" cantrip that lets them move 5-50 kg objects for 1 round or maybe a few rounds. While Twilight Munchkin is no indication of regular Unicorn power, Rarity moves multiple objects all the time, sometimes heavier than her (luggage) or for prolonged periods (when making clothes). Un-nerf, maybe? Well, I guess Magic Trick sort of covers telekinesis too. 

Magic Trick: Lol, hello Prestidigitation, my favourite DnD spell. Lots of other spells I've seen in DnD too. It is rather refreshing that Pony magic is significantly weaker. 

Air Envelope: This reminds me of a Unicorn from 1st generation. 

Feats for EP and PP are an interesting concept and have power similar or slightly above UP spells. Unlike RiM, no race of pony seems left out in TSWMLP. 

Lol at the choice of "wild die" icon. 

Oh wow, Flutterponies are so OP. It's no wonder an army of those was able to defeat the unstoppable smooze. 

Huh, changeling drones and praetorians have the same armour rating, while the latter normally wear torso armour. They also seem to lack their disintegration attack, unless it is their green goo that can damage buildings. Also, no drain emotion or anything like that. I expected them to be casters of some sort and in small groups they don't sound so scary. But then with their favourite tactics being zerg rush, maybe they should be rather weak. No stats on the queen is probably a good idea. 

It might make sense to provide separate character sheets for different races of pony, but I'm not sure about it. GM's reference at the end is a good idea. 

It is mildly irritating that I need the Savage World book for such simple things as reading what Hindrances and Edges do. They are 1-2 paragraphs of text each, so it would be handy if you just copied them. 

Some sample adventure module would be handy, but I guess your campaign transcripts sort of qualify. 

Overall I'm impressed. 

If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at this, but I don't like the third edition:  

Giftkrieg23 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
RE: a printable version: funny you should mention it:…

To answer each of your other points:

1. Those mechanics are explained in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (henceforth referred to as the SWDE), which you need to play the game anyway.

2. Magic Trick is meant to cover mostly inconsequential things like moving pens and keys and whatnot (our group calls it the 'Do a Thing' cantrip), while Levitate is more for if you plan on doing a fair amount of lifting and moving. Because this is a game that I have to sort of translate from the show's source material, there won't always be a perfect 1:1 translation for everything because I have to make concessions for clarity and balance over following the show to a tee.

3. RE: Magic in this game versus D&D: I was very careful to make magic not game-breaking and unbalanced like it is in basically every edition of D&D. With the de-emphasis on combat and violence, the magic is generally more on the side of the practical and novel rather than direct damage or buff/debuff.

4. RE: Air Envelope: there are definitely a few callbacks to other generations of MLP, but it's also a spell I just felt would be useful. Especially if you're a silly pony calling on some sea ponies...

5. RE: Feats: Thanks, and it was my intention so that Earth ponies especially wouldn't be left behind. I felt that players would not play Earth ponies (as there's already a bias against them in the fandom) and wanted to avoid the comparison with Fighters or other non-magic classes in other RPGS (Fighters have their sword and that's basically it, while Mages have a toolbox of spells that can do everything). Especially since the show emphasizes harmony between everypony, I didn't want to make it so that playing an Earth pony wasn't viable in comparison to the others.

6. RE: Changelings: Their Armor (2) ability is from their chitin carapace, not from armor they are wearing. I tried to base them as much off of their appearance in the show as possible (within reason for the game's sake), and the purpose of the Praetorian is to have a sort of mini-boss Changeling Wildcard to go along with swarms of Drones for encounter-building purposes.

7. RE: Different character sheets: The current sheet covers all three breeds well enough, I've printed it out and used it and it works fine.

8. RE: Not including rules for Edges and whatnot: The Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition is copywrited and I have to abide by the Savage Worlds Open License rules. It's completely worth the $10 or so to buy a PDF copy of the game online (look at Pinnacle's web site or another online seller like DriveThruRPG), and it's good to support smaller scale RPG companies in a field dominated by a couple of big players.

8. RE: Sample adventures: This is something I've been meaning to do for literally years but have never quite had the inspiration for it. I'm someone who has little trouble coming up with my own material and personally I don't care for pre-built scenarios, so it makes it hard to write them. I probably should, and I will put it here on my DA page when I do.

Thanks for taking the time to read the module and ask questions, I really enjoy hearing feedback from people and I am basically always open to comment and query via DA or email.

I've seen Roleplaying is Magic before, but I'll save statements about it for a more appropriate venue.

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